Marine Science Program

The Leading California Community College for
Marine Biology and Oceanography

We offer a very wide variety of courses in marine biology, oceanography, and field courses exploring local habitats as well as sites in Baja California, the Gulf of California and Catalina Island.

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Dr. Raymond Wells, Professor of Biology                 
Department of Life Science
Los Angeles Pierce College

6201 Winnetka Ave. Woodland Hills, CA 91371
(818) 710-4285


Documentary Film - The Pierce College class featured in a documentary about
John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts in the Sea of Cortez.


 Pierce College is the leading community college for marine biology and oceanography  in California with the most course offerings of any 2-year college in California - and more than most universities.  Pierce's curriculum emphasizes hands-on field work with most courses devoted to field study.  Students work on research vessels, study local marine environments including the kelp forests of Catalina Island, rocky and wetlands shores, and have the opportunity for study in Baja and the Sea of Cortez.  Classes are open to all students, and those who choose to major in marine biology regularly transfer to the top university programs. Image: Common dolphions riding the bow of bat with marine biology students.


Take regular semester or special weekend* courses.  All classes are UC/CSU transferable .

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HOW DO I BEST TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE PROGRAM? What students have to say...

"The experience and information I gained at Pierce have put me ahead of the other marine biology majors at my university."

"Not only did I learn a lot but I had fun and some amazing adventures in the field courses at Pierce."

"I am not a biology major but I took all of the marine biology courses at Pierce - they were the highlight of my college education.".