Additional Reading for Marine Biology
Biology 121

Both links towebsites and articles* are listed below.

Physical Oceanography
    Sea Floor Mapping
    Pacific "Rim of Fire" Volcanic Eruptions
   Long-term Ocean Temperature Change
    Rapid Climate Change
    Climate Change - Government Study

Deep Sea Hydrothermal Vents

  • AdVENTure

  •   National Geographic Feature - Science at the Extreme

        Antarctica Fact Sheet
        Convention on Conservation of Antarctic Living Marine Resources (CCALMR)
        Activities of Member Nations of Antarctic Treaty Nations

        Bering Sea Fishery*
        Mammal Warning Pingers*
        California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations
       Mexico and "Dolphin-Safe" Tuna Fishing

        DDT Cleanup - Legal Battle*
        Malibu Sewage Leaks*
        Testing for Viruses in the Ocean*
        Oil Rigs As Offshore Habitats?*

    Ecology of the Shores
        Rocky Intertidal Zone*
        San Quintin  Development - Baja California*

        Satellite Tracking Turtles from Baja

    Coral Reefs
       Coral Reef Reference Web Site
        Reef Check - World Coral Reef Health Survey 

    Marine Mammals
    Debate Issues With Respect to Marine Mammal Conservation
    "Dolphin-Safe: A Perspective from Commercial Fishermen"
    Atlantic Right Whales*
    Consumption of Dolphin Meat*
    Changes in Otter Populations*
    International Whaling Commission Website
    Abstracts of IWC Scientific Reports 2007
    Whale Biology and Population Information from IWC
    IWC Scientific Whaling Permits