Examination Improvement - Midterm II

Answer one question that you did not answer on the exam. Be sure to do this in the form requested: outline followed by essay in your bluebook.



A. Describe the water vascular system of echinoderms - include all of the component structures, how it works.

B. Describe (1) the general characteristics echinoderms share and (2) then describe the body form of two different classes of echinoderms.



A. What are the three major body regions of a member of the phylum mollusca and what is the basic function(s) of each?

B. Explain how you would modify each of the three body regions and the shell to produce three different classes of molluscs.


59. Explain how both the bony fishes and elasmobranchs (sharks rays and skates) osmoregulate (regulate water balance). Do not forget to include how each group adapts to freshwater habitats.