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Home Page of Dr. Raymond Wells
Professor of Biology/Marine Biology

Check out Biology 122 Activities - the Lab and Field Study # 18705 course that goes with Biology 121 - Lectures in Marine Biology. Also see the Weekend Field Classses to Catalina Island and Baja.

Links to my teaching schedule, regular on-campus courses and field courses, and other information on the Marine Science Program are below. My weekend field studies classes this semester include Biology 11A - Kelp Forest Ecology of Catalina Island and Biology 11C; Marine Ecology of the Wetland Environment of the Punta Banda, Baja, California.

Dr. Wells can be reached by email at pcmsusa@hotmail.com.

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Class schedule (webpage links for the classes are below):
Biology 121 - Marine Biology MW 11:10 am - 12:35 pm CFS 91120
Biology 3 - General Biology TTh 11:10 am - 12:35 pm CFS 91120
Biology 122 - Marine Biology Lab & Field Studies W 1:00 pm -  4:10 pm CFS 91008
Biology 11A - Kelp Forest class meeting Sat. 3/11 10:00 am - 2:30 pm CFS 91008
Biology 11A - Kelp Forest field study (cruise to Catalina) Sun. 3/19 7:30am - 6:30pm See below
Biology 11C - Ecology of the Wetlands Community of Estero de Punta Banda - class meeting*
Field Study in Mexico**
*Sun 3/10
** Sat./Sun. 3/16&17.
*10:00am - 2:30 pm
**A ll day (arrive in Mexico Fri. eve: 3/15/2019)
*CFS 91008
** Mexico
Biology 11B - Ecology of the Rocky Intertidal Community of Estero de Punta Banda - field study in Mexico Taught Fall Semester Taught Spring semesters See below
Biology 3 Lab   T 1:00-2:00 PM; CFS 91003

Office Hours:
M-Th 9:30-11:00; T 12:40-1:00; W 4:10-6:10; Th 12:40-1:40
Office: CFS 91073

Contact Information:
Phone:  818/710-4285 & 310/999-9072 (text)
email  pcmsusa@hotmail.com (best)

Advisement is available and sugested for students interested in pursuing majors studies in marine biology, oceanography or biology.  Please contact me to make an appointment.  When we meet you need to have with you a list of the courses you have taken (including semester and grade), and an IGETCsheet or CSUtransfer sheet.  You can obtain the sheets at the couseling office.  It is NOT necesary to have first seen a counselor.  Advisment appointments are accepted starting the fourth week of the semester.

Course Home Pages (Syllabi, Schedules, etc)
Lectures in Marine Biology
 Biology 121
Laboratory and Field Studies in Marine Biology
Biology 122

Introduction to Biology
Biology 3

Marine Biology of the the Sea of Cortez in Bahia de los Angeles
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Marine Ecology - the Wetland Environment of the Punta Banda, Baja California, Mexico
Biology 11C

Taught Spring Semesters

Marine Ecology: Kelp Forest Community of Catalina Island
Biology 11A

Taught every Semester

Marine Ecology - the Rocky Intertidal Environment of the Punta Banda, Baja California,
Biology 11B

Taught Fall Semesters