Important Information for Biology 123.

The pre-travel meeting is this Wednesday, July 25 at 6:00 pm in CFS 91008. Please be on time or early.

Bring your snorkeling equipment unless you have made the trip before and I have ok’d your gear.

Here is information you will need to complete preparation for the field studies for Biology 123.

Download the Reef Fishers ID and Invertebrates ID Powerpoint Presentations from the links on the webpage – Biology 123 onto your laptop/tablet.

Also download and print the to Travel Itinerary bring to the meeting and a copy to leave at home for your people here.

Prepare a small bag – your backpack if possible, with the following to use while traveling to Bahia de los Angeles
* Toiletries
* Shoes (tennis shoes or other – NOT SANDALS - for desert exploration on the drive down
* Clothes for the two day drive
* Course Guide
* Field notes (quadrille lined notebook as shown at meetings)
* Binoculars issued to you at the meeting on July 25.
* Bathing suit
* Passport

Optional – Download a digital copy of the Reef Fishes of the Sea of Cortez – Findlay, Thompson and Kirstich – REVISED EDITION. Here is a link but you can search for alternatives. I will have copies of the book for you to use.