Biology 3 Course Requirements - Syllabus

Instructor: Dr. Raymond Wells
Professor of Biology

Office Hours: Office Hours: My office is CFS 91073, office hours are MTW 10:15-11am; T 12:45-1:00; W 4:00-6:00PM; Th 12:45-1:30 or by appointment. I can be reached at Tel. 818 710-4285, email (preferred) pcmsusa@hotmail. I encourage you to come see me for help or discussion. If you are having difficulty please come see me before you fall behind

Students with disabilities, whether physical, learning, of psychological, who believe that they need accommodations in this class, are encouraged to contact Special Services as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. Authorization, based on verification of disability, is required before any accommodation can be made. The phone number for Special Services is (818) 719-6430 and they are located in the new Student Services Building #4800.

Rules of Student Conduct: College Catalogue

(1) "Essential Biology with Physiology" by Campbell, 5th Ed.; (2) Biological Patterns" (Lab Manual) by Farris, Koller and Beavers (newest edition in Pierce Bookstore)

Lecture and Examination Schedules

Lecture Schedule: You will be given a schedule of the lecture topics, reading and examination dates. This course covers a large amount of material per week; you must keep current with the reading.

Lecture Notes: The lecture outline "Biology 3 Course Guide" is published and is available either as a PDF download from the website - Biology 3, link or at Copies Plus on Ventura Blvd. Tarzana, CA - more information on downloading or purchasing the lecture notes is provided at the first class meeting. Be sure to ask for the Biology 3 lecture notes when requesting the notes. YOU MUST HAVE THE COURSE GUIDE THE SECOND WEEK OF CLASS. Keep the Course Guide in a standard 3 ring loose-leaf notebook. There will be hand-outs to be included with your lecture notes throughout the semester.

Attendance : Attendance is recorded daily. IF YOU FIND IT NECESSARY TO DROP THIS CLASS - IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DO SO FOLLOWING THE REGULAR ADMISSIONS AND RECORDS PROCEDURES. You are expected to be on time and to keep up with the class regardless of absence, excused or otherwise. After the number of hours of non-excused absences exceeds that of the hours the class, including laboratory, meets per week that student may be excluded from the class. IF YOU HAVE ABSENCES IN EXCESS OF SIX HOURS LECTURE, LABORATORY OR A COMBINATION OF THE TWO, YOU MAY BE EXCLUDED FROM THE CLASS.

Examinations: All examinations are multiple choice. You will be given three examinations worth 85 points each. Twenty (20) points of each exam will be based on information from laboratory exercises. Examination dates are on the lecture schedule but may be subject to change. If you cannot attend a scheduled examination you must make arrangements PRIOR to the exam. NO MAKE-UPS WILL BE GIVEN UNLESS THIS PROCEDURE IS FOLLOWED. Make-up exams are essay format.

Laboratory Information
Lab Philosophy and Quizzes: The laboratory is a major portion of this course. It is not possible to score highly on the examinations without careful attention to the laboratory exercises. Quizzes based on the laboratory exercise of the week before will be given the first 5 minutes of the Thursday lecture each week. It is critical that you are on time to class. You will need to purchase Scantrons for quizzes - the exact form used will be announced in class. It is critical that you are on time to class. In all 12 quizzes worth 5 points each will be given.
Lab Reports: Each week you will be required to complete a laboratory exercise in the Life Science Learning Center. The laboratory is scheduled for 3 hours, you should plan to to be there for the entire period. Each lab report is worth 3 points if complete. THE COMPLETED LABORATORY BOOK IS TO BE TURNED IN AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER. Be sure to plan accordingly.

Narratives From Lecture Notes
Throughout the semester you will be asked on random basis to submit a copy the narratives you are writing from your course notes each week. Each narrative is potentially worth 5 points. Instructions for writing narratives are in your "Study Method Agreement."

Final Course Grade
A curve will be generated for each mid-term exam and minimum points values assigned for each letter grade. The final grade will be based on the cumulative points for each letter grade. Breakdown:(1) EXAMINATIONS 3 @ 85 PTS = 255; (2) NARRATVES 3 @ 5 PTS = 15; (3) QUIZZES 12 @ 5 PTS = 60; (4) LABS 12 @ 3 PTS = 36; TOTAL = 366.

Example of grading grid (not actual curve - example only). Total points is the minimum score for that
grade e.g. A = 341 - 366.

Grade Mid-term I Mid-term II Mid-term III Narratives from Notes Quizes Lab Book Total Points
A 80 80 80 15 54 32 341
B 70 70 70 10 48 29 297
C 60 60 60 5 42 25 252
D 50 50 50 <5 36 21 207
Possible 85 85 85 15 60 36 366