Download Page for Biology 121 Course Guide - Lecture Outline

In order to download the lecture notes you must install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.  The Acrobat Reader program is free.  You can then download the notes using Acrobat Reader and print them from your own computer.   Acrobat Reader is available free and can be downloaded from the following Adobe website by clicking below:

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader  After installing Acrobat Reader click the download below.  Then start the Reader application and use it to open up your file.  Since the PDF files are large I have split the Course Guide into 3 downloads. I suggest that you make an Biology 121 folder on your hard drive and download these to it. There will be additional items to download during the semester that you will want to have in the folder as well. I apologize for the number of files - but it shouldmakehte downloading faster. Be sure that you do have Acrobat installed to open the files.

After downloading the files you may read the notes on your computer, and/or print any or all of the pages from the files.

There are now 3 PDF files to download:

File 1

File 2

File 3